Opinion: What I Have Been Doing

Well, as Ontario re-opened today, and as Justin Trudeau has been away at private meetings, I have been trying to catch up with the Meng Wanzhou trial and just looking at what has been going on, and why there is such hostility between China and Canada, who accused us of being weak and following The United States. I’ve also been listening to the news, but really, I have been relaxing these last two days and really thinking about where journalism is going for me.

As I look into where Canada stands, even though Canada as a nation doesn’t really stand up against anyone anymore, I see us getting no respect for the work we are doing. Now, I am not a big player in politics or journalism, so I don’t know too much about international relations and foreign affairs. But it just seems that since Trudeau wants Canada to be an economy that supports everyone worldwide, he should demand that same treatment back. We were supporting Ukraine for some crap they had with Russia, yet when it came time to support Canada winning a seat on the UN Security Council, we didn’t receive Ukraine’s support at all. Now the US says that there will be a tariff of 10% applied to Canadian aluminium, as there were certain cases where the supply of aluminum were sporadic (The protests that blocked trains). To me it seems like we are always the enemy, now China’s Government Officials are being dicks, calling us names publicly, tainting our public image during Chinese news broadcasts, they even bullied Australia way back last month. Honestly, it’s humiliating that our PM is like this.

Did you know Huawei and Meng Wanzhou have 20 years of evidence against them? Yeah! I am reading the superseding indictment from Jan 2019, there’s a lot of stuff here. She also goes by the names “Cathy” and “Sabrina” Wanzhou. That’s not fishy at all, pick a name lady! I don’t want to speak too much, there are a few financial intermediaries that are involved, but not named (although we know one is HSBC). I have to probably get some help sorting through all of this, the fact that they are holding Michael Spavor and Michael Korvig, yet not saying it was in retaliation, sounds like what someone would say who did this in retaliation. Michael Fisher was on a Podcast, Charles Adler tonight, and he said the Chinese government doesn’t mess around and they play hardball. The wife of Korvig came on the CBC and said that there really isn’t anything legal about holding Meng Wanzhou. She said she is receiving letters from Korvig and he describes his living conditions as horrible, his cell is so small and there is no natural light of air. No one talks about the light torture, he has the lights on 24/7. What evidence led to the charge though, I don’t understand what these guys did, that they were charged with espionage. I heard that China is even turning on Chinese reporters! But anyway, as soon as I heard that Korvig’s wife came on the CBC, I thought “Damn, they got to her”. Hahaha, July 1st is when NAFTA is set to expire, Doug Ford extended Ontario’s state of emergency until July 15th.

I also have been part of this movie club, and we have only watched two movies so far, with Black Mirror episodes happening this weekend. The Invitation and Coherence were the first films we saw based off of dinner parties, it was truly a good experience and both movies were rated 8/10 and 8/10, respectively.

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