Mexico Sends Workers, CEWS Working, Canadians in China


This Monday, June 22nd, Justin Trudeau was on time. Although his message was more of a pat on the back more than actually news. Confidently boasting that the Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy has allowed businesses to re-hire 2 million Canadians.

However, Mexico has reached an agreement with Canada, that will allow agricultural workers to come and work in Canada. There has been 3 deaths to date of Mexican Nationals due to COVID-19 outbreaks on farms, so far, 17 outbreaks have been reported. This new agreement that Canada has with Mexico will see improvements in the sanitation and worker safety measures.

Vassy Kapelos had reported that the inspections were done virtually (probably due to COVID-19), and David Cochrane had reminded us that inspections of long-term care homes were done over the phone.

During the question and answer peiod, a lot of questions were asked around the Canadian hostages in China, Michael Korvig and Michael Spavor; also, China’s remarks about how Trudeau linking the cases to Meng Wanzhou as “irresponsible”. Justin Trudeau finally stood up for Canadians, at the expense of two Canadians. He remained solid that he will not compromise on Canadian values, like our independent judicial system, in some political diplomacy.

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