Canadians in China, China in Canada


This morning there was no briefing in front of Rideau Cottage, as Justin Trudeau took questions from Chelsea, Quebec. Prime Minister Trudeau has touched on he has spoken to the various Premiers about the $14 billion dollars in aid that he has allocated to help the different municipalities of Canada. However a lot of questions were directed at the outcome of the two Canadians, Michael Korvig and Michael Spavor, have been charged in China with espionage.

A Chinese Government official was asked a question about hostages, yet avoided the question by deeming it redundant, then proceeded to infer that the report should look to Canada for examples of hostage diplomacy. Quite obviously, yet subtly referring to the house arrest of Huawei executive of Meng Wanzhou, as if that is as bad as restricting two Canadians any consultancy, making them live in jail cells, and always keeping the lights on. Canadian Mobile Company Telus has already installed several of Huawei technologies for use in its 4G network, in Ottawa, despite what the Government has “recommended”.

Marwan Tabbara, a Liberal MP candidate, was charged with sexual harassment, yet allowed to continue to run. Questions of the governments’ integrity, and commitment to being a truthful, feminist government has brought under fire. It is now that the government is hiding behind confidentiality, when asked to give any information about Tabbara. It was noted however, that Tabbara had held this from the Liberal government, question the quality of screening candidates.

As many provinces open up their economies, safely and toward the stands set by health Canada, several provinces are unveiling plans for the upcoming school year, I imagine many parents will be relieved at the thought of not having their children at home and not in school, since kids haven’t been in schools since March, earlier this year. However the proposed plans fall into three possibilities, in class, online learning, or a mix of both.

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