A COVID-19 Easter!

I wonder, does a holiday really feel the same when we all are quarantined? Does it really feel like a holiday, I mean, how is this different than any other day? The grocery stores were packed, they had lines of people waiting outside, I didn’t care too much to get groceries anyway; yet it still thought I should just because there were copious amounts of people in the line.

Well, there’s still food in the house, but I wanted to be with people too. I hear all these Horror stories online, there was this one today I read about a guy in New York City who had to use a respirator and how in doing so, yes, the respirator saved his life, but, he isn’t anywhere near what he used to be. Ignoring that right now, something like 40 to 50% of those with serious respitory distress that require a respirator don’t survive being on respirators. In New York City, at the hospital he was staying at, 80% of COVID-19 patients on ventilators, succumbed to their illnesses.

They died.

That’s an alarming number, if you don’t realize that in the United Stated right now, of the finalized COVID-19 cases, ~40% resulted in death. That’s really high. like I’d be worried. I’m lucky because the bulk of my extended family is in Minnesota, and I say that because when I calculated the death ratio, it was ~ 4% of the cases ended up in death. I don’t know this disease well enough to say “You know, it’s really easy to beat”, as I see there are people who are younger than 50 and are just dying within the week of having it.

I just set up my Twitch account, there is this girl I find very attractive, she does cosplay and modelling and she is just overall a cool person. I joined to listen to my friend Dj Baba Kahn, because he is one of the guys who taught me how to spin, and I thought maybe I’ll try and see what Zombaebby is up to. We actually chatted a bit, it was really cool. Like we had a conversation, words were being read and exchanged in real time.. That was the highlight of my weekly social media adventures.

I am on Facebook, and now that peoplr are all home, they are just realizing that people on the internet are really fucked up. There are countless memes saying “Guys, we bleed the same blood…” and “Can’t we all just get along”, basically accentuating the fact that a lot of people are dumb. They lack essential communication skills. I remember when I first got back into social media, dude people were all over the place lacking essential communication skills. I used to get blamed for always being a troll and causing trouble, and everyone just went with it. Yet now, they too will see that a lot of people (namely drunk ass white girls on Facebook) don’t have their shit together at all.

Something has happened across the street from me, my parents said that someone has died. I don’t know if I believe that, there was the usual suspects, Police, Firetruck and an Ambulance. Now there are police just hanging aroun and they have been there for a while. Drama for yo’ Mama!

I hope you guys have a fantastic weekend, Easter long weekend. Despite being quarantined, I wish you a lot of lamb. They eat lamb on Easter right?




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