Good Morning – ish!

I hear those Maple Leafs are up to no good, signing a Russian player.

This COVID-19 stuff feels like it’s really overratted, for those who can withstand the disease. Those that have succumbed to the disease actually recover, but I can’t imagine that it is a good time.

Adam Sandler and Jimmy Fallon urge you to stay away from your Grandma,

I went outside, to shoppers yesterday. People are wearing masks, but there are people who aren’t specifically. It was a big relief for me as I took in a big puff of air, yet I would advide that you need a mask. So, I guess I need a mask.

Whoa, just found out that a womans blood slcohol level with differ due to biological differences.

Yeah, this is what happens early in the morning, well in general actually; I have trouble with the information that is in my head. Kind of like ADHD, but not and worse, think of Schizophrenia like having voices in your head, just it’s not voices, it’s thoughts. Welcome to mr brain injury!

Canadian dollar is at 71 cents of the greenback, aparently this is the best it’s been in weeks. That’s garbage if you ask me, speaking of masks. Fuck Trump.

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