Hello, World!


So apparently every coder says this in their teachings. As if we are being born again, or we are now truly living.

It’s the quarantine era, how exciting is it that 2020 started off with world pandemic? The rest of the year is going to be pretty hard to be exciting now. Susan is getting married? Yeah that’s cool, but did she successfully shutdown the world and kill a lot of old people.


Booooooring, give me something I can work with here. So recently, I started to learn how to code again. I already have a little bit of MySQL under my belt, but there wasn’t really much to that language. Problem is once you learn it, you need to keep putting it into practise, otherwise you’ll forget. Such is life though, but I mean you don’t forget totally, unless you have some sort of brain damage, but it’s pretty much forgotten to the point where you have to dig.

I was going to go and work out this morning, like outside, however I wanted to sleep. So I didn’t, so yeah, if the gym didn’t exist, I’d probably turn into a fat lumpy image of my father. My hair is almost there, I think by my age my father was married with kids and bald.

Lately I have been watching Journalism movies, like The Post, and this other movie that I saw last night but I am going to have to go look up. It was called Spotlight with Michael Keaton (best Batman ever) and Mark Ruffalo. It was an epic tale of how The Boston Globe took on the Catholic Church for all the pedophilia going on. They also mentioned and interesting theory about how the priests are sexually stunted psycho-sexually, that is how you make a Catholic priest I guess; then later he goes on to molest children before he ends up 6 feet under. So the priests are grooming the children. while the parents groom their children to be priests. You know who you are.

It’s particularly interesting that there were young girls who were also assaulted, although I never heard a feminist once open her mouth about the sexual assaults conducted by the Catholic priests. The more I learn to code, the more I have this dream of just sifting through information and revealing something that sticks out, and taking down some corrupt organization, grilling the crap out of some suit, then writing about it. Though what needs to happen, is that there has to be someone committing fraud. I’m just looking at my books and thinking about how much I kind of miss economics.

I have spend quite a long time doing my mental health thing, and reading about psychology, specific social and personality psychology; yet I look over and I see my Money and Banking textbook, or Intermediate Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. Those were some dope topics, mainly because it involved math, I could solve something mathematically and it would prove concept right or wrong. Psychology is more like, well this is going to happen, and if you don’t believe me then that’s kind of alright too, because it’s completely possible that it may not happen; however, most likely it will. You have a choice, to believe me or what I am saying is the truth, or you can completely ignore me and you will find out the hard way. Of course, there is more to it, like emotions that you are feeling, or you don’t realize you’re feeling because of something that is preventing you from feeling, and we would help you sift through that as well. Then from there it gets complicated, like there’s behaviour modification, psychotherapy, and I am sure there are other techniques that even I don’t know (which is not hard to believe as I only have a BA).

Have you noticed that there is a lot more wildlife just hanging around? Super cool.

I think the coolest thing about Economics must be “Game Theory”, I learned about game theory in my intermediate microeconomics class, and just fell into the deep abyss of all the cognitive applications. I don’t know what to call this post, how about “I have survived COVID-19 thus far”. Oh, I know!

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