Misinformation and COVID-19

I feel like I have a lot to write about, but not enough to say for a whole article these days. It’s bad, I tend to need data now to back up the claims of help tell a story. Perhaps I could write more about my feelings, and the way that the world is kind of on hiatus right now.

Hey, I just read that Florida beaches are about to reopen.

I also read that Americans are watching a lot of porn and playing video games, as if it wasn’t expected. Maybe President Trump figure that there would be another era of Baby Boomers, or a baby boom. With the technology we have right now, we can enjoy our sex with reasonable reproductive control. Didn’t think about that now did you?

That’s probably a stretch to conclude that this is what is going on though, but you it’s true; make America great again.

Lately, I have been going through articles largely, and debunking other peoples messages and questions to me about the COVID-19. Not questions per se, but there is a lot of misinformation being spread and just harmful assumptions. The latest one was some saying/implying (the didn’t say it exactly) that because Sweden has let their economy continue to flourish, and America has chosen to close their economy, this proves that there is a hidden agenda behind the virus, and Americas actions.

At the time of this message, I had checked some stats on the current pandemic of COVID-19 confirmed cases, recoveries and deaths. I used a well known site, used by many of my peers, and also those in my Facebook friend list; (worldometers.info). I had also got another source to back my claim, from the website CoronaTracker.com, and they had the same number (I did not, however, compare the two websites and they’re method for gathering the information for those numbers, for all I know they could be using the same source).

When I compare the cases, I look at the closed cases, and you may ask why, I’ll tell you. Because it is factual incorrect to include the on-going (unresolved) cases in a ratio that tells us the rate at which these COVID-19 cases end up in death or recovery. For the cases that are ongoing, that just means that they could either be a fatality, or a recovery.

We don’t know what the future has in store, we can nudge the future so to speak by intuitive forcing their hand by performing various micro-moves (less fancy than saying judgemental heuristics that influence decision making), like framing choices in a specific way, or altering the latout; ultimately, we don’t know that any specific person will do what we want for sure. We also can’t force people to do things, legally.

So, according to my sources (leave me alone, it sounds proper professional), at the time of this crazy assertion that Sweden not stopping their economy to function, is indicative of America getting the better of us, is malarky. Sweden had a ratio of ~73%, compared to the United States of America having a ~37% of all their closed COVID-19 cases resulting in death. So is it fair to say that the American Economy is pulling a fast one on the Americans; that COVID-19 isn’t really that bad of a virus because Sweden says it’s okay to hang out at Starbucks with a grande vanilla latte with whip, or your tall dark roast with 2 pumps of toffee nut syrup and a splash of cream and exactly one packet of sugar in the raw? Well, I live in Canada, and it’s pretty chill here. However, our government is being a bunch of criminals, a man in Oakville, Ontario was fined $880 for taking his kids out to the park rollerblading, while fuckface Justin Trudeau, our Prime Minister Drama Teacher, takes a selfie with his entire family going out on a stroll.

I miss my coffee with my privileged ingredients though.

So, I know that some of you may hate being home, or not being able to do any work. Maybe you are at your partners throat, or you just realized that you are with the wrong partner and have been all along. Hopefully, you’re learning new things about your partner and arre falling back in love with them, You’re spending time with your children, you’re learning how to live without the distractions around us to mask how you really feel. Your binging Netflix, playing video games (or board games), you’re chatting online, you’re reading more, writing more, taking care of yourself. Or you’re fucking losing your marbles, whatever the case may be;

Happy Quarantining Everyone!

( By the way, if there is anyone who sees an error in my layman calculation, and would like to explain to me why and have a better method, please don’t be afraid to bring the hammer with exuberant force )

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