Ron MacLean Ended Coaches Corner

So, as I so desperately but failing tried to illuminate the double standard set by the media, to much passion has me largely ignored by, well everyone. I’ve watched men fall, companies go bankrupt or lose millions, people have been hurt and people have actually died.

This weekend I talked only of the Don Cherry firing, and what kind of problems that erected (haha, erected). Not only did I find how our society and culture had found the comment repulsive, but about how these “fake celebrities”, like leader of the political party, Jagmeet Singh, found his comment absolutely disgusting.

I hate politics, like why can’t we all just get along; like Care Bears, why can’t we be like Care Bears (Haha)?

But to my surprise, another media outlet (I don’t know if I can call myself that yet, it sounds good though) had a piece on the Don Cherry and the double standard ar play; read here, Double Standards at Play – The Ottawa Sun.

Watch The Don Cherry Interview from the Toronto Sun, uncensored.

Not only did Sportsnet betray its viewers, and hockey fans, and most of all Don Cherry, but so did Ron MacLean. I get it, entertainment is a cut-throat business, but what happened to principal? Anyway, I didn’t want to start tormenting MacLean, I bet he feels bad enough; yet then I saw his apology on Hockey Night in Canada this past Saturday; where the Leafs had taken a beating from the Pittsburg Penguins.

During the apology that MacLean had issued, he said that he had to choose principal over friendship. What is this principal he speaks of, and why didn’t Jessica Allen have to face the same punishments for delivering a statement on CTV’s The Social that targeted white male hockey players? Allen went to further apologize, but not for her message, or the way it could be misconstrued. She didn’t say that she was wrong for saying, but rather defended that she made the comments in good faith.

But really, Jessica Allen herself said that she didn’t get into the love of hockey, and she is Canadian. Why should we listen to her, about whether or not we should allow our kids to play hockey? She said that all she ever saw was white boys who engaged in bully like behaviour. I think Ms. Allen only interacted with those hockey boys, because she wanted a few of those guy to put pucks in her net. Now she is using her platform to get back at all the boys who rejected her. Realy Canada, is this how you want to be; petty, and passive aggressive? Not to mention to chastise a legend and Canadian icon, and champion some groupie who never made it as far as the 4th line winger; not to mention the people who agreed that Don was in the wrong, are the same people who have the same amount of knowledge about hockey culture as Jessica Allen, nadda.

Ron stated that he was in a fox hole with Don, and that they decided to go their separate ways. He said that Don was issued a set of criteria that, but that Don had refused to comply and went his way. Everything was happening so fast though, I bet Ron didn’t have time to think that the man he is going to throw under the bus and make a clear part with had on two separate occasions fought for the same man to be his partner, despite getting fired. I don’t blame Ron as much as I blame those who were in charge of handling the situations. Whomever had the lead on handling this situation, obviously had it out for Cherry, and used their power to get him out quickly? Maybe?

There were so many things wrong in Ron’s apology, all I know, if I am in a fox hole, I’d rather be alone that with Ron MacLean.

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