Unpopular Opinion: Don Cherry Illuminates Canada’s Generational Divide

With the recent “Ok, Boomer” trend on social media, and the assortment of memes that display arguments and battles between the “Baby Boomers” and the “Milennials”, and of course you have Generation “X” and “Z” just hanging out, although given the events that plauged ths weekend, I can’t help notice that the dismissal of Don Cherry, in a sense, emulates the level of respect we have for Boomers.

There is almost no questions asked when you say “Don Cherry is a hockey legend, and a Canadian icon”. That is of course, you ask someone who grew up with Don Cherry. However, most young people just see him as “some old bigoted white man”, and just waited for the right opportunity where he fumbled on some words to cut him off at the knees.

If Sportsnet had any sense, they would have let Cherry issue an apology exactly the same as what Jessica Allen gave; all we know is that Sportnet gave Cherry a set of demands that obviously not something he’d agree to. Honestly, to me, it just seemed like a bunch of sissies who felt insecure that they would never amount to be as strong as the veterans of WW1, that they want to close the door on anyone who reminds them.

What happens is that they get mad on behalf of “marginalized” groups, and then blame someone else for being a cause for that harm; because they can’t really do anything helpful (or they don’t want to). They don’t have enough experience in the world, yet they trying to enact change.

Back to what I say about politics, it’s where unexperienced people can seem like experts (I used the analogy where stupid people can seem smart, which was “locker room” talk I guess).

I get that people may say “it’s all these old fuddies taking up our jobs”, that the recent grads are finding it difficult and they are blaming the older generation for not getting out of their way. I find that absolutely atrocious for anyone to do, and now I know why these two generations are always at each others throats.

The way Don Cherry was handled, pushed out rather swiftly was what I would call the definition of disrespectful. Then to have another set of people so quick to dismiss him, it’s disgusting. On top of that to have you’re partner sell you out, even if he issued a half hearted “I must of collapsed 100 times” apology. I can’t imagine what is going on inside the head of Don Cherry.

Probably a giant “fuck you”.

Yeah, he’s 85, and deserves a better send off than this “Rememberance day” debacle. He’s done so much good, but let’s throw that out the window because immigrants need to be protected from anything that can be construed as an attack?

Because we have developed a great country, we’re supposed to forget all the sacrifices we’ve made as a nation to bow at the feet of those who are fleeing their country? We can’t tell them to show a little respect and just consider that people gave their lives, and labour so you could come here?

If you don’t like Canada or paying respect to Canada, why did we let you in?



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