Jessica Allen v. Don Cherry

This is obviously going to play off of my last article, Losing Grapes. Want to catch up? Check out a recap of what happened;

I was watching the Facebook banter through my timeline, and clicked on a article that mentioned this person on a show were a bunch of women talk about issues like they know everything that’s right and what’s wrong.

What a surprise.

Jessica Allen went on a rant where she stereotyped hockey players in a discriminatory way. She went on to say that all those guys, were predominantly white and were bullies. She used her own personal experience as anecdotal evidence to support her claims.

So then we get Don Cherry who lambasted “You people” for not buying poppies suppprting the troops that had gave their lives for our way of life. And you might say he was referring to immigrants and new immigrants, because he said that they come here, and love our milk and honey. My parents and our family are immigrants, they didn’t wear a poppy or buy a poppy (I bought two for me and my girlfriend, just to let you know).

Most also don’t watch Don Cherry, and those that did; don’t care. They are too busy trying to make something of themselves, rather than to get offended by Don Cherry and his controversial remarks. What I have a problem with, is self-entitled white women, just running their mouths about how white men are to blame for this and that, even though these white men are mostly married to white women. You’re both to blame, really.

Listen to this from Jessica Allen;

You know what’s embarrassing, how you call a guy a misogynist, yet that same man places women on a pedestal (which I would imagine now is something he definitely isn’t going to do). There are numerous clips of Don Cherry explaining why he is the way he is, and why he thinks the way he does available on youtube. In an article by the CBC, Jessica Allen was reported to have issued an apology.

CTV, Jessica Allen apologize for hockey remarks after Don Cherry’s firing | CBC News
CTV says it is apologizing to anyone who was offended by comments made by a correspondent on its show The Social…

Reporters and Interviewers seemingly enjoyed battling with Don Cherry, he could take a hit whereas he definitely could give them.

People walked on Cherry and he didn’t pay any mind he just kept on chugging, which is something that I have tried to do, but I find myself slipping at times and giving in and complaining. Jessica Allen did issue an apology, saying that she didn’t mean to offend anyone of the hockey community, she was talking about those specific hockey players in her life at the moment she was speaking of.

Yeah, but why isn’t Jessica Allen held to the same standards as men, specifically white men?

38 years is a long time for Cherry to be on the air and maybe it was time for him to leave. But I disagree how he left, and how it supports this “cancel culture”. I won’t even talk about the hypocrisy that plagues our society. Here’s what Don had to say following the interview;

I wonder what Jessica Allen had to say of the Humbolt Broncos?


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