The Film Festival I Wish I Discovered Earlier.


First of all, I usually get like this after everything new I discover, but there’s something about the Carleton Cinema that I just can’t quite put a finger on. It may be the nostalgia sinking where I’m at that age where I just don’t care for new fancy shit. I miss friendly customer service, a community where people actually have an interest in talking to you, and not everything is “bigger than life itself”.

It’s not like I don’t love where the future is taking us, “go big or go home” right?

Right, not so much. It’s great every now and then to take a step back and just chill. It also allows us to experience and remember again the finer details of the human experience. It also allows me to sit back and just take things in, for what they are and not what they could be. A film festival showcasing some of the best independent movies and shorts that countries have to offer. One day I had stumbled upon the film festival “Toronto After Dark”, and from there my world had opened up to all sorts of film festivals. After seeing some of the films and meeting directors, actors and actresses, people in the press, I found my place! (Also, female reporters)

So I rummaged around the city, watching endless movies at Eyesore Cinemas(1176 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6H 1N1), and desperately trying to get into as many film festivals as possible. My last experience was horrible and had me in fear of doing any other festivals; however, I still had to try. I messaged Toronto International Spring of Horror and Fantasy Film Festival about a covering the festival as a precursor to heading to Journalism school. After I had been approved for a pass, I then immediately asked for a film list. Obviously, I didn’t get until later, as they probably have hundreds of submissions; but when they released the final list several movies had caught my eye. “The Last Sunrise”, a Chinese film (so for those of us who don’t have great Mandarin comprehension) about a society that relies on solar power crumbles when Earth’s sun vanishes, and how two neighbours embark on a journey of survival. I thought to myself two things, one this film better not be too dark, and secondly, this is such an interesting story that if done well, will steal festival.

I was not disappointed.

Beautiful cinematography, and if you like international films then throw this in your “To Watch List” and push it to the top. Not only does this movie look visually stunning, but the subtle way it will blitz your emotion will definitely make you appreciate what we have now. If you think that America is the only powerhouse when it comes to films, you have no idea what you’re missing. I will do a review of these movies, there are many more movies to choose from and the festival is happening all weekend at Carleton Cinema’s (20 Carlton St, Toronto, ON M5B 2H5, Canada, it’s an inexpensive way to enjoy your weekend before we have to go start another work week.


The Last Sunrise
Imagine looking into heaven


“Far From The Apple Tree” is another film I’m dying to see, it’s on Sunday at 4:00pm. Here’s the link to the festival schedule, hope to see some of you there!


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