I wonder if I’ll get popcorn.


It’s actually a big month for movies, every year there are great movies that come out and new and exciting ways that directors and storytellers around the globe showcase new film. But it’s not a constant stream of grade “A” quality films. Some movies are failures, boring as math lectures, the acting is stale as old bread or the presentation is so bad; it reminds me of that feeling when you find out you gave an awful gift I gave my first girlfriend (I should have known that it was a bad idea when my mother suggested it).

I know one thing, watching independent movies and less well known titles have given me a multitude of new insights into the human condition. I have seen so many different aspects of pain and suffering, triumph and joy, all expressed in different ways. Don’t discount the big name films like Marvel’s blockbuster hits. Watching independent films and getting to know the industry really gave me an appreciation for all the moving parts it takes to make a movie. Now every time I watch an adult movie, I stay for the credits; those SFX people managing the fake semen deserve at least that much.

This weekend I’m set to cover TISH (Toronto International Spring of Horror and Fantasy Film Festival), I have a press pass and everything! I wish people just had the same interests as me, I live in a town where most of my friends have moved out, married with children, jail or dead (yeah it’s that kind of town). This year the festival has features from China, Films I definitely want to check out. I’m definitely seeing the weird creepy film about an artist who takes her intern and attempts to recreate her deceased daughter. That is horror.

Tonight I want to kick off the weekend with the new Stephen King film “Pet Semetary”, should be fun. I might try and prepare some questions for some of the filmmakers tomorrow.

~ AA

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