If the fight’s over, what now?

Well, I think people are starting to realize, feminism has become toxic. You’d think this would be a big celebration, as I have been openly advocating against feminism for a long time. Instead however, I would say I almost feel lost? I never really imagined a time where this would happen.

I hate radical feminists, word smiths who turn out to be creative manipulators, and how stupid we all are. Authors like Jessica Valenti, whom I would read her articles, just littered with “journalistic tricks”. No one cared though, especially not the women. The narrative she spun always put them as the victim, like the time she wrote about “Toxic Femininity”, yet ended up emphasizing on Toxic Masculinity; yet that when Toxic Femininity was acknowledged, she dropped the label into “Toxic Behaviour”. I can’t tell you how much she irks me, as with most feminist writers; though, she really takes home the prize.

Late last year, I had the pleasure of being approved to join a handful of Facebook groups along with other activists in the Mens Right’s Movement, like The National Coalition for Deaf Men with Michael Thompson. It really isn’t a mens right’s activism page per se, though these people still support the movement. I had been gifted this Golden Nugget of information, it is called the Basic Index of Gender Inequality from another group Tom Ramsay is in. Not surprisingly, it had listed several countries where men are living at a disadvantage. Including America and Canada. There’s also a whopping whole other set of data I rarely, if I ever do, talk about. It’s India! Did you know that false rape accusal rate in India is 78%? I bet you feminists over there claim that “78% percent of rapes cases go un-convicted”, it’s literally the same thing; although, it sounds different in our heads doesn’t it. And you know what’s funny, I’ve literally heard the same exact words but with a different percentage attached to it in some YouTube clips involving several college campuses.

Anyway, I have heard rape thrown around like it’s nothing; sexual misconduct literally means anything since the “#MeToo” campaign. Do you remember the Aziz Ansari sexual misconduct fiasco? Well I do, we actually share the same initials; so it does stick a bit better in my head, and we’re both of Indian descent (which basically means that I should be paying attention to India more than most, yet I’m half East and half West; two very different cultures. That’s my excuse, I am the totality of cultural confusion).

So, as I said in the start of this story, people I’m around are starting to realize, this “modern feminism” thing, isn’t feminism at all. Gillette really set the bar for ridiculousness, and started of 2019 right with their ad. A reminder that feminism has evolved into the toxic piece of trash that it is. I’m guessing that it awoke a lot of men to the reality that feminism isn’t the same as when they went to college, or they were dating. So now, a lot of the men that were in support of feminism, are no longer blind to what feminism really is. The commercial was so bad, masculinity has been shot in the back, did you know the SuperBowl has male cheerleaders this year? Unrelated, it’s a different time we live in. Maybe the are needed for strength I suppose I shouldn’t judge; I mean I want to be a pornstar but I’m disabled and my genitals arent the right size, but c’est la vieI suppose.

I am just so used to having to fight and argue my point across, people saying things like “well, let’s look at your points logically”; dude, I’m not that dumb. Now that feminists are basically screwing themselves over, it would seem that now I am completely useless. Like what do I do now, go to India and fight their fight? I feel like a war veteran, maybe I should go sell shoes at some department store, or get a retail job. I can be like a Frank Murphy, wouldn’t that be something.

I’m kidding, I’m going back to school for journalism, at 32. I’m not much of a writer, well I don’t think of myself as one; yet I do consider myself talented at research and investigation. I look to people and wonder how they write so well, like Kris Gage. I honestly read my stuff and think that it’s pure garbage, nonsensical garbage. I think that’s because I type as I am thinking, like I am talking. I don’t know if that’s good or that’s bad, well I think it’s fine. Problem is after I am done typing, I don’t want to communicate or I don’t know how to. I just talked a ton online, which I do through different avenues. When I am out later that night, I just want to relax and be talked to or included in a conversation. Most people think that is needy or egotistical of me, but clearly, they haven’t thought things through.

We’re all stupid, remember?

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