Toronto International Spring of Horror and Fantasy Film Festival!

It’s a bit early, but I just wanted to let you guys know, I will be covering the festival while it runs in April! Hopefully this won’t be another disaster like Indie Week, or Blood In The Snow (it’s a long story involving me being accused of approving the rape of women, I KNOW).

So early on, I had volunteered for Toronto After Dark Film Festival, after coming off the TIFF festival, I really started to see how these artists really poured there hearts into their creations.  How subtle themes where portrayed in the different aspects of a film, and me actually realizing it, felt as if there was another language that was being used to communicate ideas and issues. So now I want to write about the portrayal of some of these themes, about how they are creatively presented to the audience as well as bring some of these ideas to life.

Now I realize this approach and style has a held life, and I won’t always be perceptive to what is going on currently in different generations. I also realize that I am going to no longer be receptive, yet while I am I’d like to make the most of it right? Hopefully I will gain a few different lens to view the world with in my time being a creative.

The Toronto International Spring of Horror and Fantasy Film Festival, this year marks their 4th year; they are relatively new. The festival lasts a weekend long, and will be held at the legendary Carlton Cinemas in Toronto. I don’t really have anymore news to tell you, because the film list won’t be finalized and etched out until March.

Reluctantly, I have also decided that I will apply again to volunteer at the FanEXPO this year. Maybe this year Amy Jo Johnson won’t be a raging hormonal bitch again, if she is there.

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