“Just when you think you’re out….”

So as you know, I am trying this new Jazz theme to the front page of my blog. Yet I feel that it is so not me, that I must revert back to the punk rock theme. It’s where my heart is, it’s where I learnt who I was and who I wasn’t; and in all honesty I’ve met some of the greatest friends.

It’s also where I locked on to Emily, but that intimation has still to reveal itself. It’s been 5 years, just saying; clock’s a fucking ticking.

During my talks in my Women Against Feminism group on Facebook, I got into a rather lengthy discussion over women’s sexuality. The person I was in discussion with immediately came off as a feminist (there’s literally a small handful of feminists or people who choose not to pick a side, who entered the group and try to enact some type of entryism).

There was literally one dude, who said he doesn’t like to place blame on anything or anyone. Which is too stupid because blame is synonymous with credit, and can also be seen as responsibility;

to anyone who says the english language is stupid, clearly you don’t understand how intricate it is, so shut

you’re mouth.

This dude, didn’t want to blame anyone even if they are responsible for the misdeed. This isn’t Nazi Germany, I live in Canada; our PM will cry if you confess that you’re sorry.  This guy must be some philosophy major or something, just some nihilistic tool; or some anarchist, I can’t decide.

So the woman that I had a talk with was very manipulative to begin with, she kept trying to say things that she was that would completely contradict her actions beforehand. It was almost as if she imagined that in this conversation, everything goes in one ear and out the other (I get that some males are like that when discussing things with women). It started off by her saying that female sexuality is not well explored.

As a female, you are consistently told by society that females shouldn’t express their sexuality or whatever; that they (as in women) are repressed in a sense. This topic didn’t come up randomly, it stemmed from a comment where she stated “men should know how to please a woman, if they don’t they should learn”.

But here’s the catch, they don’t want to be the ones to teach us.

Saying stuff like that, just exasperates male insecurities, fears and what not, which contributes to males believing that they need to practise; or if you are familiar with The Red Pill terminology, this is referred to as your “N” count (N is often used to denote the number of people in a certain “population”, academics use “n” to denote the sample of “N” the entire population of say women in Canada, and “n” would be the number of sexual partners).

So, I immediately call her out as being a feminist. “Just blaming your problems on the rest of society” I say, “victim mentality”. She proclaims that she is not a feminist, and continues to talk total nonsense. I was out having a beer watching the Leafs lose to Nashville. I’m trying to ignore this, but my phone is going off like no tomorrow, no one’s with me at the bar, the bartender is not talking to me. Whatever, I succumb.

I can’t really talk as well or as fast on my phone. so I tell her to wait, I’m going to head home (on the bus, not far) and I will respond when I get home. She and a friend is grating me the whole way home, she is saying how “she is expecting some big philosophical rebuttal, it’s going to be enlightening” and so on. I tell her that no, I am more psychological than anything.

I get home, and I explain that I have a lot to say, but I don’t believe in doing the work for these women, because that’s all they seem to get you to do, is they emotionally rile you up and then out of anger (or bitterness) you end up doing all this work for them, and then having them finally say “oh, ok”. Which ends up driving you up the wall anyway, so I explain to her why it was like she is a feminist.

Then I explain to her by blaming society, you’re not accepting responsibility. I tell her to look up “diffusion of responsibility, locus of control” and a few other terms. Then she says some shit how “oh women are rivalrous, and they shame each other”, and “female sexuality is like this big secret that is hard to uncover”.

So now here’s a thought experiment for you, is the way she is thinking about the problem correct?

HintPerpetual motion, vicious cycle.

So I am going back to my punk rock theme, it feels more at home. Just so you know, what she is doing hurts both women, and consequently men.

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