I’m alive.

There’s been a drag in my life, a persistent bog that has clouded my sense of direction. I am very ambitious, and I want things to get moving and happening; I do get very irritated with those who like to take their sweet time.

Because I am aware and at times ever anxious eagerly anticipating unexpected events, so that I am always prepared; I run into problems. I have a problem when I run into people who aren’t so ambitious, driven to be the best; at least, part of the “above average”. You can say “why are you comparing yourself to other people Andrew?” or perhaps you may even be championing the position that I should be patient.

Because of this need to be successful (in my eyes) I end up taking on more projects and jobs than I should. I have started this new position at The Centre for Social Innovation, I also volunteered at Toronto After Dark Film Festival. I started writing on Medium.com and I have been having problems with my skin/face.

Yet I so desperately want to continue my social media marketing efforts that I was so diligently pushing forward. There had been an incident at CSI that had me moved from the Friday shift all the way until Monday.

What the fuck, guys.

Well, I plan to move forward with my writing, blogging and media coverage. November 6 – 11th I will be covering Indie Week 2018 having Andeluuu accredited as official media. I get a pass and everything, I am just hoping that this does in fact go well; and I will get approved for my press pass for the Blood in the Snow film festival.

Well, as for the FaceBook pages and bands who are up and coming, and I’ve promised to be a help; don’t fear, I am still here. I have had a lot on my plate, and I can’t pass these opportunities up.

The worst part is that she doesn’t even know how much I’m into her.

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