Shut the fuck up. That’s the message I get when I try and plead my case as to why I am not a misogynist but why I think some of your behaviour as a female is corrosive to our souls. If a girl stands up against this, they are silenced too; “why can’t you support a fellow sister?” they say, “Us women suffer so much at the hands of this male dominated patriarchy”.

Honestly, the current culture of today, blows. The internet made everyone’s fucking opinion matter, even if it doesn’t matter. We’re moving toward a dictatorship, where people need to be controlled. For years I have had friends block me, I’ve been banned from a reddit subchanel, all because I am not letting people tell me what I can’t and can discuss.

You’ve lost it, you’ve gone too far.

To be honest, it may be that I am a bit hard on the feminist group. Yet when you try and talk logically, and shed some light on important truths and details; you’re labelled as a bad guy, a misogynist. Besides feminism, it seems to me that that whenever someone talks about some issue being absolutely ridiculous, you get silenced! I was watching some old transgender debates today and it was about Caitlyn Jenner being a hero.

This debate was in 2016, the whole video it was the entire panel vs. Ben Shapiro, the odd guy out. A lot of people say he was a “trouble starter”, a guy who liked to “push people’s buttons” because he would say things that others found offensive. No one ever asked if what the is offensive to Ben Shapiro, to be fair the whole way people go about transgenderism offensive; not to just me, but the years of work and scientific literature.

Why are my feelings, not considered. Why is okay to make me hurt, the same way you complain I am making you hurt.

Whenever I discuss feminism, I’m met with this mentality that I either adopt it or I shall have my life estentially taken from me. If I didn’t adopt what they thought was to be right (which clearly it isn’t), then whatever individuality that I had or am pursuing to have, gets thwarted. A lot like the authoritative style of a dictatorship. at least what I would think a dictatorship would look like. I just imagine your typical narcissist not wanting to listen to anyone else’s ideas, because they have a perfect model that’s going to work out; and you have to be happy or else.


I mean I am all for learning, but you can’t present one sided arguments and refuse to listen to contrary information; and call that an honest discussion. Just today, on FaceBook, I genuinely tried to have a decent conversation about “Placebo’s, the problems and solutions” (it’s a bit of a heavier topic, not your usual Sunday night football game) and I was utterly told that am I being naive if I think I can talk about these subjects here. Why should I be limited to what I am allowed to talk about, because no one cares? Then he had the nerve to suggest that I am debating him, as if everything I say has to have an oppenent.

Now you wonder, why would he think that the world is largely against him? Oh he must be paranoid.

People fail to realize that a lot of this is just wanting to be heard, just sitting on the mind of the many; some, labelled as the oppressor. Miscommunication is happening everywhere and if you have some, not a lot, just some common sense; you’d realize how much havoc and separation this is going to create. Just because you may feel inadequate discussing certain topics, doesn’t mean I should be silenced to only discuss things within academia.

I’m definitely not trying to say I’m a better person than you because I am more endowed in this subject, I want you to think. Literally use that small (all of our brains are smaller than we think they are) brain of yours and think, it’s going to help us and you out in immeadate to long run; I guarantee it.

Apparently though, we can’t speak out about it. We can’t talk about how feminism is of an actual detriment to some, even though they claim to be fighting for equality. How fragile it has made some people, how some people just exploit the power it has given them, the corruption within the universities and these fucking kids we surround with enormous amounts of bubble wrap to shed them from what, failure?

That’s reality. I’m tired, I’m sick of fighting, fucking read a book once a while.

— AA

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