I’m not sexist, I am real.

Have you ever had that feeling that you need to write something, but nothing comes to mind because something is currently consuming your mind? Yeah, I am there. It’s almost as the more I type about it, the more I want to throw the computer across the room.

I think of everyone who has failed me, or used me.. And it’s not like I got any benefit from anything. It’s so messed up. Yet I’ve felt like this before, maybe not as intense as this; although there is nothing as close to this.


Because of this little incident, I got moved to Monday evening shift! So I’m now the closer on Monday!

Recently I was on Reddit, and got blasted for being a troll. I wasn’t even talking to this person, and they accusing me of being a misogynistic troll. Again, I am the one that got reprimanded for being a troll when I did no such thing.

It was okay I kindly put (probably) her in her place. I told her kindly that I was not talking about or calling anyone names, yet here she was doing that to me. I am openly against female superiority, and toxic feminism.  Anyway, what was my point?

I don’t know, fuck Tuesday.


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