I’m Fed Up With These Feminist Men

Today I woke up, after seeing a crap movie at “Toronto After Dark Film Festival”. I sat next to someone who worked in media in Hamilton. We talked, it was fun; we talked about how being in media allows you access to festivals like these. More often than not you can apply for a Press badge, and you’ll get access to almost everything.

The movie started, a short film was up first. In comparison to my first TAD film, it was also sub-par. I should’ve walked out of the theatre after that, but hey, there’s always hope. The movie started and finished, and then I said to the lady from Hamilton “Well I didn’t like that one bit”, to which she responded “Oh, I liked that a lot!”.


Your taste in movies suck, the company you work for probably sucks too.

Today I was supposed to relax, not type, basically not really care that the world is slowly turning turning into a piece of garbage; but alas, I opened up my laptop. Mistake, always a mistake; I know what I am going to do next after my email, I’m going to check out Medium.com .

What is with all these uninformed men, just taking piles of waste and shovelling it in younger mens faces? He blatantly said that men’s group activists (like “Men Going Their Own Way” or “Involuntary Celibates”) are, because of their “toxic misogyny“,  are violent against women; often fatally.


I don’t know if this guy has read anything on the statistics about assault victims, but in Canada in 2008 (I know that statistics are a bit old) there was 2 female homicides a as opposed to 7 men. But it’s so hard being a woman!

For the last 20 or so years, men have dominated women in committing suicide. That’s a huge fucking issue, I don’t care if you think there’s a wage gap; men are dying. Our men are killing themselves, one reason statisticians give is that men are more lethal when committing suicide (most common form of suicide: hanging).

Which re-enforces the point that if you want a job done right, call a man. Haha.

All of my suicide statistics are from Statistics Canada.

*Did you know that men are more that 50% of robbery victims?

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