This year’s IndieWeek looks a little more promising.

  • Before we get this entry typed, let it be known I don’t have any love for country music. I being a man of music, would not go out of my way to listen to country. That being said I don’t hate it, it’s just not my cup of tea.

Last night was the Indie Week Media Launch Party, and I learned that I may need to learn a bit of photography. More so, buy an actual camera; my phone has been doing well, but I want great. As soon as I got there, the house was packed. I mean it was almost as if I had walked into a small nightclub (like the KoolHaus beside The Guvernment in Toronto). Needless to say, I managed to grab some adequate photo’s.

Indie week presents some of the greatest talent collaborations that you could even think about, including Urvah Khan; a Pakistani Rocker chick. Also playing is the talented band “The Crooked”, which had the Hideout definitely feeling what it means to #beIndie. They presented quite a few country singers and groups. I was actually charging my phone, and I don’t really enjoy country; yet I suppose that I won’t be able to cover everything that I like.

Urvah Khan



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