Toronto After Dark Film Fest, Indie Week Media Launch Party

So I am a volunteer at the “Toronto After Dark Film Festival” 2018, and I have to say after seeing one “short film” called Mimic by Patrick Delvin; I’ve been sold. Not to mention just being in immersed in the atmosphere of media, press, directors, filmmakers, ACTRESSES; this is the type of place where I belong.

The feature film. ExtraCurricular, was fairly good too! I might be biased because I can see how relatable this film is (murdering people aside, it’s the symbolism) to my own life, or rather what I believe is relatable to every males life; I can definitely say that it was better than a lot of mainstream horror movies.

Next year, I am definitely going to apply for a press pass, volunteering at the festival doesn’t really give me enough time to fully immerse my self in the movies. Also, I wanted to tweet that “Mimiic” basically put me into cardiac arrest, but these film dudes, they jump on you like white on rice. In closing, I applied for Blood in the Snow, another film festival held at the “Royal Cinema” in Toronto. I’m crossing my fingers, their acronymn is BITS; haha, I find that ironic for some reason.

So tomorrow is the Indie Week Media Launch Party!

I’m super stoked, I hope that the event is really good. There”s this band, The Crooked, and I’ve been friends with JC (Guitar and Vox) Sandoval for a good while now. Although we both have been busy doing our own thing, and I didn’t get to go out and see his band as often as I did, we’re all still buds.

Check out one of their latest music videos!

It should be a fun night! (And a long one at that).

8:00 Twin Flames
8:30 The Redhill Valleys
9:00 Benjamin M. Doerksen
9:30 Urvah Khan
10:00 Leo Vance
10:30 Phantom Atlantic
11:00 The Crooked
11:45 Blackie Jackett Jr

I read about all this stuff on death, suicide, abuse, and I go watch horror movies, and rock concerts, dress in a lot of black and dark colours; but I don’t have a dismal view of the world and I do believe there is a point to life.

Sex, drugs and rock n’ roll.

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