When I try to write something out, this happens.

I was looking at my CIBC spend report pie chart recently, 10% of my expenditure is on Health & Education. 23% is on Grocery and Retail and 22% is on Restaurants. Which is totally messed up, here I am as I like to cook and be healthy; yet I spend nearly the same amount as I do on food and clothes, as I do on alcohol and more food.

I am trying to understand this because I have recently signed up to Medium, Harvard Business Review, The Economist and I am just about to register for Rotman Management. I also have this blog, because I like writing.

I don’t care about what, I just like researching, learning (within reason, I’m not going to learn the Bible just to argue why I disagree with Religion and religious groups) and discussing.

*BREAKING* Bill Cosby sentenced to 3 – 10 years for what the judge deems as being a “sexually dangerous predator”.

I was reading an article on Medium, actually several articles. This one had caught my eye, rightfully so. Anyone who knows me, knows that I have had a problem or two with my parents.

The article is tilted “Is It Okay to Not Love Your Parents?”. It’s about a female author, that ends up saying her mother was filled with mental health problems and prescription medication addictions, to the point where she has cut her out of her life. Just to put icing on the cake, her mother has been diagnosed with colon cancer.

You know, they say that the daughters usually end up like their mother, yet I don’t know about that. I mean there are people who make it their life’s conquest to ensure they are not their parent, and what ends up happening you become this new monster. But that’s another topic, let’s get back to this article.

Shopify’s CEO is fed up with Canada being just a bunch of micro tech-companies?

So for all I know, her parents were the worst, specifically her mother. She opens the article that this is her “journey to psychological freedom”, and her therapist totally agrees with her. (Speaking of which, I don’t understand why therapists just agree with their clients, there’s probably more story than meets the eye. However I don’t know, I mean, there probably is more story than meets the eye regarding her parents; yet it isn’t addressed and he is creating a narcissist that will ultimately live to regret some of the decisions she has made, and then the cycle will continue when she has children, it’s stupid.) I might have just lost the whole point of this article, because now I am trying to figure out what cereal to pour and eat.

“Cheerios: Peanut Butter, it’s special edition. In order to maintain some sense of being healthy, I’ll only pour about 60% of the bowl PB Cheerios and the remaining 40% Multigrain Cheerios. For some silly reason, I think it does in fact taste better.”

[On a side note, I used to hate horror movies. Yet occasionally when I was younger I would try and sit through one, but always with the lights on. But let’s get real, I was scared of the movie Jaws, to the point where I always think that maybe, just maybe there was an underwater pool underneath the YMCA pool, and one day I would be swimming and that fucker would break through and eat me. Yet I didn’t mind, so I swam anyways. Though now, I eat up horror movies like fried chicken and waffles (No, I’m not black from the South. Yes, I realize I just made a potentially racist comment.) I have this belief that if it scares you, or you don’t really like something; to go ahead and give a try at least once in your life. This is also very dangerous advice, be aware of the risks; I’m not telling you to go try heroin.]

The article itself contains a lot of good tips, like how your parents and yourself don’t owe anything. Wait, that’s not a good tip. “If your an adult, be your own parent” is what I meant, too many of us use the past to blame or guilt our parents into [unfairly] giving into demands, such as money, or inconveniencing them for our benefit (being the eldest sibling, I see how the younger two do this to my parents. The mere fact that I got into a life threatening accident is cases of ammunition that my siblings use to fire at my parents, and they cave in like a building made of breadsticks.)

This article started off great, but ended up with me left feeling a bit uneasy, she is now taking care of her father, while her mother is suffering. I don’t really want to cast “the eye of judgement”, yet isn’t that what we are supposed to do? I’ve never judged anyone, yet everyone judges me and I suffer socially from it. I can’t be the better person all the time every time, can I?

So, I’ve lost interest in this post, I also have a ton of cleaning to do in the bathroom and it’s garbage day tomorrow. I’d like to throw out a lot of people from my life, but they hang around like this bad odour (odor?) we get at work when we run the 1st floor dishwasher.

So that’s how my brain works, I didn’t mention half of what goes through my mind; or what I was doing while I was typing this. In reality, you have to imagine the boundless ways I employ strategies to calm my mind and focus on my current task at hand.

I guess writing for a blog, my personal blog, allows me to relax. If I had to write a response article to the article I was talking about, it won’t most likely be really aggressive. The link to the article is here.

Enjoy, and let me know if you think she is just in her actions.




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