Am I just trouble?

“You’re a raging bull

Down a one way Street”

I have the most honest and good intentions, but I get lynched. Every time.

I don’t what kind of worldly phenomena this is, maybe because I just am a male trying to show interest in female problems. My words are taken and misconstrued as malicious and the purpose of my inquiry covered in schemes of foul play.

I don’t understand why I am assumed to be guilty, before I am even listened to. Most online groups and forums assume that I am a troll, and I constantly have to defend myself. Constantly.


But it’s not what ever right? Why is it that I always have fight my way to clarity? It’s basically these people acting as dictators, “I am right about you, of course I am right because I destroy anything that tries to prove me wrong”. Ugh that was my vent for the day, I wish I could say week yet people.

Today through tomorrow and possibly sometime in the weekend, but definitely most of next week I am going to be busy with a little side project that I said I would do. I had started it, yet got nothing written in the form of an actual article.

I have a few post on abuse, however it’s not really clear enough that you can take my word on some of the conclusions, if there are any. I think I just got the point that women as just as aggressive as men, more so in a relationship, but they don’t commit harm that’s severe or physically injurious.

I don’t know if I get the meaning across well, men like to hurt you now, whereas women are not as intense but they will hurt you over the long run. Make sense?

I know that my following (I have 3, gorgeous women) may not be poker players, so I decided not to use my poker analogy, but here it is:

“A woman’s thinking is like the slow play, the player who has the “nuts” (winning hand) but continues to bet and string along the players in the pot. Thus, by doing so, she is harming the unsuspecting opponents every hand, by drawing blood from their pot slowly. A man’s thinking is quite different, he doesn’t want to beat around the bush or take chances when he gets a great hand. he goes all in before the flop, get rid of any “drama” that could ruin his winnings. Therefore delivering the blow quick and powerful.”

Of course this is not perfect, and when you get down to the little details you can’t generalize these two very different domains as being alike. Which is why I try not to argue with people who do like to generalize rules from different areas across domains without thinking.

Anyway, female logic I guess. This type of thinking gets me into all sorts of trouble, because people are crazy.

Until next time,

I promise to have my article done.

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