A Narrative Around Abuse. (An introduction to what will be a multipart post)

How many of you have manipulated or deceived someone, how long did it last? Did you find out that sooner, or later that this is in fact abuse. Whenever we think about abuse, we always think about a man hitting a woman, it’s the first thing that comes to mind.

From the beginning of time, society has been telling us this. Not to mention that the feminism story is always that of the male being “granted special treatment” due to a social hierarchy that promotes misogyny and male dominance. It’s like for the last one hundred years we’ve chained women by the ankles to cook, clean and take care  of the kids while the men just sat around pool tables, sucking back on cigars sipping on hard liquor; while throwing dollar bills freely at dancing, scantily clad women.

It’s not like this assumption came out of no where though, these type of men do exist; but the majority of men aren’t going around knocking around their women. Where does the majority of abuse take place? Emotionally.

Before an abuser becomes violent, they are emotionally abusive. Emotional abuse is like carbon monoxide, and if you know anything about CO, you instantly get it. I’ll explain in a nutshell, carbon monoxide is an orderless poisonous gas that is quite deadly; prolonged exposure can cause long term health problems, even death.

There are many forms of emotional abuse, and I won’t be able to cover all of them; yet I’ll try my best to cover the most important ones. One of the forms of emotional abuse that I have encountered over the years has been people telling me that I am too emotional; that my feelings are invalid and that’s not how I should feel.

To be honest with you, I can imagine how some people can get very emotional and allow their emotions to cloud their judgement. Or how people know that someone is susceptible to emotions and now can knowingly take advantage of that person.

This is probably the most annoying type of abuse, whenever you bring the incident up; and they have just conveniently forgot about it. As if it never happened, it’s like they are playing a game. Which in fact they are, as well as dismissing that whole event; thus removing the need to feel personally responsible or have to acknowledge your feelings. Here’s a little “prayer” that I found on narcissists.

There is a lot of area I want to cover about abuse, but here I want to stop and organize the topic into 3 or four posts. This was just a brief intro diction to what I will be discussing in these articles over the next week or two. I’ll leave you with a list of different ways you can be emotionally abused(called coercive control) and this way you can identify and do your own research; or you can request me to research and write a post on a specific tactic of abuse.

I have a very small following right now, so I don’t expect requests. I’m just happy you gave this a read, thank you for reading!


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