Has the “women breastfeeding in public” initiative gone too far?


At first I didn’t see this as a problem, when I had first heard of a woman breastfeeding her child in public; I was busy with school and I didn’t see it as a big issue. It’s not everyday that it happens anyway.

Of course you’re going to have backlash, people are going to be confused or feel disgust. That’s to be expected, the feminist and social activist took to the media; specifically, the internet. Thousands of articles were written, Youtube videographers and channels were pumping out (most of the time with actors acting as a random stranger who was completely horrified).

But then an article about a female politician who breastfed her child while moving a motion, and thought to my self: “Why is this important, Australian history is weird”. Why are people still standing up and saying “this is so important to society, especially as women”. Honestly, I think that focusing on problems that aren’t just about you or your gender is probably more important. In 2016, an Icelandic politician gave a speech while breastfeeding in parliament.

“Some Icelandic c**t did what with her kid? ….”



What is wrong with just shutting out the opinion of everyone else, and taking a little time out to enjoy spending time with your child? Are other peoples’ opinion of you that important that you have to prove to everyone that “Yes, I can breastfeed and still do my job. If I am making you uncomfortable, for whatever reason, that you can’t do your job; it’s a problem with the lot of you, because as a woman my interests are more important than politics”.

Well I think that is very narcissistic, selfish and these children are just being used to climb ladders.

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