I wish upon a star!(2 posts in one day, lucky you)


That star is Whitney Cummings. Why you ask? Through social media she has shared some of her worries, and I have seen some people comment some rude passive aggressive shit.

No word of a lie, she had a tweet about kids; and these two heifers just verbally assaulted her because she was a successful women who has looks absolutely stunning. Why can’t people just say “I hate you Whitney because you’re beautiful and nice and in shape, and you have a horse. And I’m fat and ugly, have three kids a dog and two cats.”.

No, people would rather say something dumb and covertly harmful to an individual. It’s horse-shit. Whitney Cummings, along other famous comedians like Dave Chappelle, Bill Burr, Jeff Ross, Natasha Leggero and others (there is way too many comics to name) have helped me throughout my life when I needed a change of perspective on an issue or to figure ways to support an argument; they kind of awoken my own inner comic.

To the point of I might want to pursue this. There’s something about talking to a larger group of people that, honestly, drives me. I don’t know what it is, I don’t even know if I am that funny, I’m probably not. But it just seems like something I may want to do, and who knows I might just end up not doing it, I am really happy with myself right now.

To be honest, this is what social media is doing to people. Rather, this is how social media can have people believe certain (dare I say) grandiose thought.

“But I really worked hard,


and I took a lot of abuse from people,



Now is it hard to see how bullying can contribute to the mass murders? I do, I just don’t understand why it still is to some people, and why do some people make others suffer just for the sake of suffering. Why, oh why, haven’t I committed murder? 

Anyways, she has an IG account where she posts IG stories and she does a Q and A. So today I asked her (as comically as I could, but still serious enough for her to know that I am not really joking, I mean, I just want to know) something like this. “I like you, really. Sometimes I think that we can live an Aladdin type of life together. Is this belief probable or am I crazy?”.

I meant to say I like you, like really like you. But she should know that I know, that this really isn’t going to happen. Like can we date first, I don’t care if you’re a super sexy and beautiful famous comedienne,  I want to know if we work together. I want us to share things together, build a life blah blah blah

Actually, as a man I should just expect Bonnie Rotten in the sac, chef Ramsey in the kitchen skills and a Martha Stewart at home. When we’re out, she’s Rihanna.

— Andeluuu 18.07.18

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