3 tweets then block.

For about 5 years, ever since I had graduated from The University of Toronto (Scarborough Campus), I’ve been in what seemed to me an endless battle of what mental health is really. Most people who argue with me say something along the lines “Well this is what I read/have been told” , “I’ve done my own research” or “Your not a doctor so what do you know”. Even at the slightest hint of disproval, or indication that they are wrong, they retreat into their shell and continue on.

Not even considering the possibility of themselves being wrong, this is exemplary of narcissistic behaviour.

Recently I had a tussle with a staff member for The Mighty, who claimed that noise sensitivity is because of her bipolar disorder. No, that’s not an excuse. Her name is Elizabeth Cassidy, we had a run in over twitter because I followed her and wanted to shadow her; hopefully becoming a writer or staff member for the mighty myself. However when she had tweeted that the noise sensitivity is caused by her having bipolar disorder, I fired back with a firm no and explained to her that bipolar disorder was a mood disorder, after which she said she said it is because she had “done her own research”.


Long story short, she has blocked me on Twitter. I find that a lot of misguided individuals (not just men, Mr. Jordan Peterson) are very much afraid of discussing ideas that go against their already set beliefs. When they can’t defend their erroneous belief; they just give up and push that person away.

Like a child, this was her reply;

Screenshot 2018-07-17 17.50.05

I am a survivor of a Traumatic Brain Injury, noise and stimulation easily bothers me. This is different than having bi-polar disorder as areas of my brain and certain regions are damaged. Essentially it’s like having to re-learn how to function with a new brain all over again, except this time you have limitations (especially in motor function or movement). Yet at the same time, if I didn’t learn how to cope with this, I wouldn’t be successful in academia, or the workplace, or life in general.

So yeah when someone tweets erroneously about their disorder, I am going to challenge it. Especially when that person works for a site that’s here to help educate people about mental health conditions and disabilities. My final response, when are we going to learn to account for our actions, for the things we do or say?

— Andeluuu

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  1. Treating a mental health issue/label as a mood thing is a very good idea. After all it is the mind in it’s most conscious state or general personal memorised approach to solving a problem. For dealing with struggles chronic or acute. However the cause may still be subconscious or technically out of reach, read medical.
    So I think she is right. It is safer. You as her may heal better, faster, well or totally but will have overcome something that is not necessarily psychological.
    Best of luck with the girls. I am always unnattractive it seems due to my style or self. Especially since I hold back when perhaps something romantic may be there, boy there is alot of that for me too because of being single too long in my mind. Was it, could it etc. Poverty makes me hold back though as I am a sincere type who feels if I can’t afford the third date it is best not to disappoint by asking for even one, hardly ever.
    Lots of women/girls are up for it though. There are things behind this feminism thing that are deadly but life could be short for anyone regardless of their worth. The greatest women are as much in trouble as me despite freedom to meet angry or sad in the media, even if wealthy. Real life is still not what is mainstream socialising culture. It is out of bed put on your head and try to be yourself if you are different.
    Sorry for length of comment.


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