Nose Dive into #SocialMedia.


This is the first year that I have been a part of the Beaches Jazz Festival, which is weird because I was such a huge musician. I guess I didn’t have the right group of people around me when I was playing. You’re always told that the friends you choose, end up choosing your path in life.

So this year marks the festivals 30th year running, so far each weekend has been packed, even more than the last. The festival started on the 6th of July, and will run right to the end of the month. In addition to some of the great music being performed by so much local (and not too far) talent, is that this festival is completely free! There is another reason why I this festival is a notable mention to me, it’s the first festival I get to try my hand at some social media!

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We're ready for you. @reallybigworld @beachesjazz

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(So I have these moments, where I capture almost picture perfect shots and make great content. Yet I consistently wonder, what does it takes to make great content all the time?)

So the festival started off the weekend of July 6th on the streets of Leslieville, Riverdale and Queen street E. With performances around small boutique shops, in one shop had the performer in the shop. Which was cool, the Leslieville area just has a robust ambience of inclusion.

But I got catapulted into my ideal life, all too fast. It’s quite honestly almost a dream to me, I didn’t know if I could get a role like this. Now I look back and say thing like “oh, I wish I did this” or “I should have bought that, when am I going to be back/is it even going to still be there?”. Social media looks like I ton of fun, though there is a lot of leg work. It’s proving to be quite enjoyable to me because of behind the scenes work and research.

Obviously, I still have a lot to learn(like to double check for grammar, sentence structure etc.); yet I’m actually taking a week from the festival to help out another festival. I’ll be doing BIG on Bloor, though not social media. For the last weekend in July, I am back at social to close the beaches festival!

I am also thinking of getting my new tattoo soon. The problem is that I take so long to decide what to get and then I take three weeks to heal. Then I don’t know if I will ever get back to a gym. Hopefully my friends over @newtribetattoo aren’t too jammed this summer. I told that artist that I would book a portrait tattoo with her.

Ideally I’d go to FYInk just because @shinetattoo is there with @q_tattoos. Those two are phenomenal artists and wonderful people. Too bad other people there are messed up. Maybe I will book with @q_tattoos for a later date.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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