It’s all alright, Jimmy. It’s all fine, don’t worry about it.

This past weekend was a long weekend in Canada (Civic Holiday), and I had hoped for a great weekend; I was getting a lot of new facebook contacts because we happened to know the same people.

(There’s someone I don’t know, yet we have 50 mutual friends, weird)

If you know me personally, you know I don’t take discrimination lightly. Being a disabled person, I know in my heart equity is important. I am quite frequently mistreated or misperceived even by my own family. (I liked a girl for a long time, and they restricted my actions from even getting to know people like her. It made me feel as if I was alienated from my family because what I like is  so different from what they want. I’ve been abused, threatened, assaulted, judged and excluded from just about everything.)

So I’m trying to find my footing in this stupid city, and I add a facebook contact Carmen Toth. She obviously has posts that appear in my feed because as soon as you add a person you automatically follow them. Whatever, so I saw this person had commented about stalking and creeping; something that I have been wrongfully accused of several times.

Just for liking music and beer.


Okay let me start this off already.




Carmen Toth, Daibhid James (start)

Carmen Toth 2

So what was she talking about? This is the status update.

Carmen Toth Status with David Greig

So Zoltan was quite obviously blocked, cause that was a pro choice of words if you’re looking to be blocked. Yet the conversation didn’t end there where it should have.

Carmen Toth 3

Of course, politics. That’s all it took, to turn me into a misogynist. Just watch.

Carmen Toth 4

Hold on, why I am getting blasted for saying abuse is bad no matter the gender? Daibhid James is actually disagreeing, Carmen Toth is saying it’s a problem ONLY if it the woman is getting abused.Carmen Toth 5Carmen Toth 6Carmen Toth 7

Any ways, this is why Toronto is a shitty city. The fight is for women superiority, disabled people don’t matter especially when they have just achieved a big obstacle and you’re just a screwed up city. I’ll show you why, next day I get contacted by Dave Greig, now this guy thinks he is my father; giving me life advice. Watch..

David Greig start

What the hell kinda of abuse of power is this? He is treating me?


Dave Greig 3

Whhhaaaaaaattt is happening.

David Greig End

Do you remember what this guy said at the beginning of the story on Carmen Toth’s status update? Well go check out my Twitter profile bio, here. (Coincidence?)

And then this happens, I just added a bunch of random people and then this guy and his “boys” had something to say.

AdamDavid (start)

Adam David AndrewAdam David ...Adam David ....Adam David Andrew Murray

Yeah like what the fuck, so how was your weekend? Don’t worry Jay, I haven’t forgot.

What the fuck white people, control yourselves. You ever wonder why Toronto is getting the shit kicked out of them by immigrants with guns and vans?



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