Gord Downie has passed, yet I didn’t see much tribute as other artists, like David Bowie….

It’s unfortunate that this man did so much for the country, yet those who live in the country didn’t really budge to much. Maybe I just have American friends, or it may be that people are sick of death. Surprisingly even I didn’t write anything!

Whatever the case may be, I still think we should acknowledge the contributions Downie made as a Canadian. One of the things that may have been a contributing factor is that “The Tragically Hip” was never a popular band amongst my friends and I growing up.  One of the greatest things that Gord Downie did is bring awareness to the sufferings of the indigenous people and how Canada needs to do better as a country to reconcile the maltreatment of indigenous students by our educational system.

If you want a brief re-cap of what Canada is doing about the “60’s Scoop” you can click here for my write up of what Canadians are trying to do; and how we are phasing the word “Chief” out (or at least want to).

It seems to me that perhaps it’s not that people didn’t mourn the loss of Gord, it’s that I wasn’t aware of the ways people were mourning. I honestly try to pack as much of anything into my day, and I also try to keep up with sports; mainly The Toronto Maple Leafs.

Being busy myself (probably for the sake of being busy), I missed the tribute that the Maple Leafs had for Gord, and the infamous Barilko Banner lowering; which The Tragically Hip had written a song for.


Barilko was a player for the Toronto Maple Leafs whom, after scoring the winning goal in the Stanley Cup Finals against the Montréal Canadians; went missing during his fishing trip in Quebec.

And of course I live in Kingston, Ontario, many mourn the loss of Gord Downie as his music shaped the lives of many Canadians who grew up listening to his music.

That is what’s missing, music that talks about what the people are going through as a nation to really bring together the country.

It might be there, just not in the public eye. We get a lot of Trump and American Politics, but I want the real Canadian issues. As I’m checking my news feed on Facebook, a lot of Gord Downie posts are popping up; I now stand corrected.

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