If Canadians stop using the word “Chief”, will that be enough?

Get a load of this, the title of “chief” too be phased out of TDSB. That’s some low-class stuff in my mind. I mean it’s bad enough that the Indigenous community has a nightmare of a past, accompanied by present issues in well-being and mental health; but to insult the community by throwing a gesture that seems like it’s out of respect; however we know that this doesn’t mean anything.

I have never heard people use the word “chief” in a racial or derogatory way. Maybe in the 70’s, and after all it’s just a word. I can understand because even when someone will throw a racial term at me, and even knowing that it’s just words, I still get mad.

I want to know, why are we going backwards. Why do we keep changing things to avoid the problem rather than moving forward to a solution? Like the federal government has invested $50 million dollars to revitalize Métis, First Nations and Inuit languages and cultures. (Métis feel left out of ’60s Scoop settlement, the star.ca)

If you haven’t been keeping up with the current Indigenous affairs, the 60’s scoop is where children were illegally forced into adoption by the government. The Crown was determined at fault and to pay for damages caused to the Indigenous people. However there is some outstanding claims from the Métis people, who feel they are being left out.



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