First thing I thought was, this is going to flop; I can’t believe I took my mother to see an unorthodox movie and it’s not going to pan out. I saw the trailer for this movie and I was hooked, eagerly awaiting it’s release. When I started to watch it, I was sure I had lost my ability to suggest great movies.

I was quickly heartbroken, yet I am the type of guy to wait for things to pan out.

“I gave The Forbidden Room more than most people would (I know film buffs will say something very differently).”

I don’t want to spoil there movie, but again it’s one of those movies where the world is happening. I have to wonder, how the artist can’t create from his own mind. I get the desire for inspiration part, but I mean the antagonist took it a bit far.

He was exemplary of a narcissistic-psychopath, in case all of you pop-psychologists who think they are MD’s; throwing out diagnoses like they’re Halloween candy. The poet, seemingly empathetic, was actually just deriving inspiration and really using these people.

But, in a way doesn’t every artist? I guess you can say that most artist use inspiration from other well known figures; but then there are the few that just come up with things.

I’ll give you the main theme of the movie (don’t worry, there’s so much more that this movie will psychologically blow your mind, even unconsciously; sneaky bastards)  a gorgeous woman loves a man; this man doesn’t treat her well, but she continues to pour love into him. At the end the girl realizes that there was never enough love for this man, even when she gave her last remains of warmth, the reminiscent love she had lingering.

He laughed, all the love she had to give; he now held forever in his possession.


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