Uber discussion.

Amiss one of our Canadian icons passing away, the driver of my Uber decides that the recent Bush anti-Trump speech.

What the hell.

First of all, I want to go home. I’ve been drinking and I want to go home. The conversation started off with how little power a security guard has. How they abuse power (just like cops) and police officers are able to do whatever they want.

Uhhhh, no.

Then he goes onto talk about the anti-Trump speech delivered by former POTUS, George W. Bush.

I don’t care.

I am Canadian, and we have issues here all the itme that we should be concerned about. No offence to my American friends and family, your country dug their own grave. Suck it up and do whats right, not what you were told to.

Talk about Gord Downie, talk about the Canadian politics or police and what they have to go through. Why is it we have to discuss that orange skinned baboon, and what he is doing.

Just take me home, listen to the damn radio station I put on.

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