So I’m not going to lie to you, I may be stuck again.


My only guess as to why I haven’t written in a while is once I was deemed not an experienced writer, that kind of made me think for a while. I always thought that my way with words (unless I get angry, in which case I turn into a sailor) was above average. I think this because of my injury, I really on my written and verbal communication a little bit more as I am physically not able to do things as well as another person. Wait, check this out;

“Rogue FBI employee married ISIS terrorist”

That should honestly have been my headline, that’s real interesting. I did want to go to school for journalism, I still want to accomplish so much; yet, we are only alive for such a short time; when will I get to have fun and live my life with someone else?

I also want to learn how to program, even though I don’t really have the motor dexterity to do typing. I read that person(s) with experience in R or Python will be heavily demanded with exceptional salaries.

I really like being connected to the world, it let’s you know whats happening and sure, things mostly don’t directly involve you; but let’s face it, people enjoy talking about people; stories also make you feel a certain way.

I just like watching the world really, in a non-creepy way. Or a creepy way, whatever you want to say because after all, socially we are the sum of everyone’s opinions; are we not?

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