I just read that music is to take the place of prescription drugs.

How idiotic is that, hey I fancy myself a musician; and even then, I find this statement ridiculous at best. So if you have the bird flu, are you just going to rock out to some Jimi Hendrix and sing away the flu?

“It’s not totally crazy,

music can rejuvenate the body,

to a degree.”

Okay, when you are feeling down and out of it, a good upbeat funk might have you feeling less blue. It definitely get’s me moving, at least I’d like to think I am moving ever so gracefully; I’m telling you, I’m a modern day James Brown.

Historically music has been incorporated in healing rituals, especially in Ancient Greece. Schools in both Egypt and Greece found that healing and sound to be a sacred science. It’s no coincidence that the God of medicine, Apollo, was also the God of music (and apparently the God of many other things).

Native Americans used vocal sounds, to help assist the healing process.

Whatever the case may be, no one really accepts this anymore. Maybe because we just don’t know how it works, and people would rather know then not.

ICYMI, music rules.

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