So this the the first time I’m using Hootsuite on WordPress.

So this the the first time I’m using Hootsuite to upload onto my blog.

Mental Health is quite dangerous as it does not discriminate, it doesn’t care who or what you are; yet, when we require help from professionals; the quality of service does end up reflecting the fee attached to it.

For years I have never understood why, how can people be so blind to see what they are doing? What is wrong with this system, there are reasons as to why people don’t have the resources needed for top notch help! This “system” is corrupt, you hurt those that are truly in need and reward those who are not in need, they’re too lazy to correct it themselves or make the change.

But then it dawned on me, if we give it away for free or without cost; people then begin to exploit and take advantage. There’s a lot of what I can say, give examples and write an entire post on this.

But it comes down to one simple old fact of people; a few has to ruin it for the many. Take a look at the article and read about the difficulties faced by those (or for anyone that has been through this process).

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