So here I am, where I stand before thee.

So recently I was told that the writing opportunity that I had inquired about was for a more experienced writer. I can’t really blame the guy, I mean I’d like to think of my self as a writer; however, I don’t really have any material out there that would say so.

I always thought of myself as a quite relatable guy, everyones best friend. But I mean not everyone is going to be your friend, and I know that. Finding myself physically disabled, and horrendously immobile for some time; writing was really the only way I got my voice heard.

“That’s somewhat of a lie, I yell and stuff.”

But that has changed over the years, basically people have silenced me; now I let people walk all over me. That’s the thing when you tell someone you have a disability, they think that you are stupid AF. Well that’s definitely not the case, I know some people who are born with disabilities that out work people without their level of limitations.

Needless to say I saw “The Fate of the Furious” this past Tuesday, and it was a fun movie. My problem is that they are starting to take away from the car racing aspect of it, There was cars, it’s no Tokyo Drift though. I’m not going to spoil anything.

I didn’t see Goon 2 which I planned to and that sucks, because I wanted to. The director of Silence of the Lambs has passed away, just an FYI.

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