Remember that time Kadri missed a practice? Yeah, see no discipline.

Well that was a bunch of bullshit.

Had a bartender call me two faced, and try to tell me off. Now she says she won’t serve me; because of personal reasons I guess. Which is stupid because that’s her job, either way I found it funny; she just imploded out of no where.

This week, I haven’t been to active in the blogging department. ironically I was interested in a writing opportunity that someone had mentioned on Twitter; however, the person didn’t reply to me do I guess that’s not happening.

So I was at “St. Louis Bar and Grill” where I was standing, enjoying the game and my beer. I was watching the Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Washington Capitals in Washington. Toronto had lost so it wasn’t a terrific outcome, although the game was so very intense.

Do I mention that Kadri made a massive hit on Ovechkin, which led to a penalty which ended in a washington goal? Needless to say the fans at the bar started blaming Kadri, shouting things like “way to go Kadri”. Kadri will put up numbers, be a key player on the ice, win draws, hit, but as soon as they score when he is in the box Toronto forgets what he has done and goes back to blame.

I remember there was this one guy who would always say Kadri’s so undisciplined. Right, he got into the NHL by having no discipline, spent his whole hockey career eating nachos and buying hotdogs for Phil Kessel.


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