And round and round we go.

Control. Everyone wants to have as much control as they can over everything they possibly can. But little do they take the time to consider what they are controlling, then again we don’t have to if it’s a machine.

But that is what everything really is about right, I mean parents, the boss, everyone else thinks they know everything better than you.

So I wonder, does this tend to affect the choices we make?

It would seem so, I have had a numerous amount of experience of people trying to socially manipulate the situation so that it happens the way they want it, regardless of how it effects me; rather, what I constantly had to deal with.

When the shit hits the fan, the various officials of Hitler’s army were questioned on how and why they could do these atrocities; they said simply,  it was because they were told to. Now this is an extreme example, which does teach us about obedience to authority. Mind you, Hitler would’ve most likely had you killed if you disobeyed him.

The Milgram experiment, and the Stanford Prison Experiment(SPE) is BY FAR my favourite experiments. Not so much the first, but rather the SPE; they made an excellent movie about it directed by Kyle Patrick Alvarez. The official website is here.

I think this was an abomination of an experiment. Although we learned a hell of a lot from it, it should never be done; nor replicated. The entire “rule book” for ethics on psychological experiments had to be revised. Legitimately you can’t replicate this, at least not legally.

When this is put into the real world, and not a controlled environment with an ethics board; we get havoc. The monstrosities we’re capable of.


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