Get this.

Go to a tattoo shop to get a consult from this artist. Turns the artist accuses me of sending her emails that make her uncomfortable, so the manager told me I won’t be allowed to get tattooed by her anymore; as she isn’t comfortable tattoo me anymore.

Here is the thing, I havent sent her or the shop any emails in almost a year.

Here is the email;

Screenshot 2017-03-21 12.28.08

I guess this email is too much for her, or the manager; although when I asked for the content and where I had went wrong, he said he doesn’t care.

And I am the narcissist. Honestly, I barely had sleep, got my ass there early, get accused of some bullshit and don’t get an explanation as to why my name is getting attached to this and being tarnished.


Well that shop is a write off for until I get adequate answers.

Mind you he said I sent her emails this past weekend.

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