Ghost in a Shell.


I’m sure most of the people I know saw the original animé. It’s a great story and I wish I had as well, although it probably would have set me off on a path different from the one I’m currently taking.

So sometime in the future, humans use technology to enhance their bodies. One dud gets a liver enhancement so he can drink more. That’s genius. So the put a brain into a robotic body; and of course, it has to be super sexy. Because come on, don’t you know sexy bodies are the best at deflecting bullets?

Either way I am not complaining,

Feminists get their superheroes and “Magic Mike” type movies, movies about athletes and gladiators. I’d honestly sleep with Melissa McCarthy if I ever got the chance, or Helen Mirren. (something is wrong with me)

They also wipe out all her memories and say “your memories don’t define you, your actions do”. Which is true in a sense, but wait a second; you’re past is just as important.

How the hell is your past not important, memories are great. Past is important, are we supposed to all suffer from retrograde amnesia?

That’s not important, what is important is the ways that memory is important; and the loss of ones past can have damaging affects. Also how people are treated as objects to a goal, how human emotion and the little things that make us human are so important.

Also, the things we take for granted, and the things we place too much importance on. What really got me is that she has no nerves, or anything that would send information about feeling to her brain, that sucks. No touch or sensation?

Anyways, I bet the anime was a lot better.


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