Why I will no longer attend a church.

One summer I was in charge of the social media at a church’s vacation bible school. The politics of the business was something I was not used to or comfortable working with. But that is besides the point, I was scurrying around taking photo’s to make content to post, when I witnessed them conducting a experiment.

It was a simple experiment with dry ice and a solution that created some reaction. Then this was said to kids “This is like God’s will, he is always there to protect us”. I’ve struggled to explain to a lot of people that you have your own “will” and do things because you want to, and maybe believing in an invisible deity to make everything right without your own action is a bit much; at least for me, although my father will always think of me as a child.

People hurt others because they decide to hurt others.

This really disgusted me because one could say “this is God’s work through the hands his followers”, yeah well what about the case where the man boarded a bus and beheaded another passenger; “God told me he needed to die”. But truthfully, that was just chemical reactions, I don’t want to debate this; I believe children should be taught about what is life and they can choose on their own to follow whatever religion or belief system they follow; Star Wars or Star Trek.

The story about his release can be found here.

After viewing additional acts of injustice at this church, done by members of this church and whatever. I’m no longer a church kind of guy, I like religion and the different cultures and what have you; but I just don’t see myself with the Bible in hand.

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