The old bait and switch.


I finally found a girl to be my friend! I was so ecstatic and happy, it turned out she was engaged but that didn’t really matter to me. When we went out the first time I dressed quite casually and we had a bit of differences. I mean yeah we had different views on various issues (like a couple at this bar were mocking one of us, and she insinuated that I should be a prick to their waitress friend, but I choose not to care; it’s happened more than enough).

Here’s a little background, she said she would help “train” me to be with girls; which I had agreed (seeing how I haven’t had a relationship in 12 years). I still wanted my friend though, I was looking forward to going out again with her. So she agreed to go out with me again last night to check out some new experimental music classified as impoverished rock.

Don’t know what that is, because she bailed last minute.

To me it sucks because here I am got all dressed up and new clothes (like a little schoolgirl) and she didn’t even show. That really put a damper on it, I honestly hate fake people.

I knew this was going to happen, just not so suddenly. I had also hoped that over the course of time she would have been my friend. Alas! What I usually hope for doesn’t end up blossoming.


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  1. Dude, good idea with the wing woman, but I think they often are actually interested in you themselves.
    Call here back and see what’s good 😉 otherwise, find a solid wingman instead, and have a goal when you go out. Maybe try a bar like Hi-Lo or the Only Cafe Instead.
    Best of fortune to you my Man.


    1. andeluuu says:

      Dude I don’t know what you mean but I wanted a friend. Thanks for trying dude, I appreciate the comment.


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