This weekend in review.


So Saturday night I saw the movie Logan. I came into the movie with the knowledge that this will be Hugh Jackman’s last run as the abused hero. Let’s be honest, Wolverine was experimented on, put through endless pain (including having his wife killed, and having to kill Jean Grey, as well as having to deal with Cyclops who is in my mind a tool).

The tragedy is that his psychological anguish over the years made him the way he is, and he wasn’t constantly the target of many telepaths and what have you. It’s because of his pain and past, he is the target of many manipulators; however, Wolverine never took shit from anyone and never backed down from a fight.

But there are endless stories in the comics, things that are for sure going to be movies much later on. The only problem (as with any book or comic that turns into film is that there are a lot of instances where the book goes into details that some argue that gives more to the story) is that some aspects of the film aren’t given enough detail.

There is one story in the comics that says that Cyclops injects Wolverine with Nano bots to become a Vampire, by slowing or shutting off his healing power, so he can infiltrate their “clan” and later it would be that he turned it back on. But in the movie Logan, his healing factor doesn’t really kick in fast enough.

I won’t spoil the Movie, it was quite an emotional movie for the mere fact Jackman has played Wolverine for over 10 years. X-23 is in it as a child, who Wolverine takes under his wing (not by choice). The movie touched on a lot of factors that grasped at your heart strings a bit. I think they down played Wolverine a bit too much, made him and the professor too weak and feeble.

I went to visit some friends at an old hangout of mine, I was told by a regular customer of theirs that there had been fights and all this other stuff breakout. I went back to see what’s going on, and all though IDGAF (but I kind of do) really; these people used to be my “family”. Some of my old buddies just happen to be the same old idiots that they always were, one guy got into an accident and lost his licence again.

Too much of a good time is a bad thing IMO.

A friend is going back packing in Thailand, and I’m here in Toronto praying on good weather; because I’m a loser. Hey The Anti-Queens are playing The HardLuck March 17, FINALLY. Sumo Cyco is going on tour in the UK this month, so much is happening and I’m not doing shit.

Warmer weather needs to come now.

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