Today in the life of America.


Well not really, as I live in Canada. Toronto to be clearer. Earlier today I read that the Fed has agreed to a rate hike in March.

What does that mean for Americans, well certain stuff like interest rates on mortgages are going to go up. Loans are going to be a little more difficult to obtain for business financing and expansion. But if there was one thing that I learned in school, is that bond prices are inversely related to the interest rate.

If that doesn’t really mean anything to you, then that’s okay.

A little bit into my life, I WAS planning on quitting smoking. But after last night, I don’t think I really want to anymore. I smoke 3-5 cigarettes on average, so it is prime time for me to quit, and I’m not getting any younger.

“I can’t stand some people, like grow up already; but stay young.”

I think I’m going to go see Logan, I heard it was good and Hugh Jackman will no longer be doing anymore Wolverine roles.

Ever, he’s is retiring the claws.

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