The Anti-Queens @ The Hardluck!

Finally I got to see the always beautiful and very talented Emily Bones. After not playing for a while, the band, which was quite different as there was new and borrowed members. Mary Death and the drummer Curtis both had not been there, Valerie from Black Cat Attack who was on the band during their last tour was there; as well as the drummer and another player joined the band.

The music always gets the house rocking, much respect for those other bands for playing as well as the crowds got really into the music. One poor girl got bumped into by a “mosher”, and she scurried behind her friend. Of course I felt as if I was responsible as a bystander to go stand near them in case things getting out of hand.

I studied psychology in my undergraduate degree, rather extensively I would say, and I am familiar with “bystander apathy”. I hate it, it’s bullshit. I have seen clips online where people have got severely injured or even died from it. So if I am aware that I can do something, I will; I mean, isn’t that what all normal people should do?

I’m not a hero, but I’m not an ignorant bystander either.


So the Anti-Queens are also playing tonight at The Rivoli. 334 Queen St W Toronto ON M5V 2A2 tonight. Curtis the big sweaty drummer will be there, at least  I heard from Emily. That band always gives a good show. those darn Anti-Queens. If you want to here some good music and want to have a great dinner then this would be the place to go. If your upstairs playing pool say a friendly hello to Eryn if she is still there, she works the bar UPSTAIRS.

If she is working there still, she has a band too (so many bands, so little time). I don’t remember their name but it’s a young band. I heard there also is a bar that’s going for the world record of having bands playing. Dwayne told me, it’s in Stouville as well he says.

I am just passing along information.

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