Get Out, 10/10.

I don’t remember a time where I gave a ten, but this movie had me blown away. The amount of subtle racism IS the best part of the movie.

There is one scene where a girl says he father “would vote Obama in for a third term” makes him totally cool and accepting of her black boyfriend.

The movie itself also gets into genetic superior traits, freewill, the nature vs. nurture debate that seems to be very prevalent amongst amateur psychologist communities. Although we don’t really get a great explanation other than a quick discussion about a procedure.

It also touches on how far people are willing to go for science, and how mad the “mad scientist” really can be.

<< Let me tell you this, my little route in experiential cognitive psychology has changed me. I don’t see things simply anymore. >>

That may be why I found the movie interesting, especially the ending. If I were you, and I really mean this; go watch it. It’ll make you think about how you’re family is, definitely regarding mate selection. Is it your choice, or is it them making you believe you are happy with the choice?

Ultimately, you have to break away; look at the picture unbiased.


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