Did I lie?

Get Out has been rated by several people on FB as a must see film for 2017. Well not in those exact words, but it gets the point across.

That film honestly wraps so many themes into a single movie, that if you don’t find anything interesting about it; stick to musicals and show tunes.

“What’s the worst part, is that now I see every interracial couple and feel like I need to warn the dude he’s going to get assimilated”

Haha all jokes aside (interracial couples are the best kind btw), that was a insanely well done movie. The crowd cheered at the climax, or where the protagonist got justice; and at the end of the movie. If that isn’t what the director of a film deems as a job well done, then man, I think you’re in the wrong business.

I know Viola Davis isn’t having that, check out her Oscars speech here.

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