Fastball – The Way

This song should be the theme song to my more adventurous days, I never took the time as I do know to understand the stories behind the song. If it had interesting riffs and the melodies weren’t like every other damn song, I was into it.

“This song always had an eerie feel to me, which excites me”

Okay I don’t know if excite is the right word but I can’t gather another one at the moment. But what is the song about, it might be that I always liked the story in my unconscious when it had first played for me.

So if I understand correctly, it’s about a couple; an elderly one at that, who suffers from a severe form of confusion. They just up and leave one day, and hit the road; in hopes of finding their youth again, perhaps? Well that’s how lead singer Tony Scalzo interpreted the story, or rather how he’d have you interpret it.

Let’s be honest here, not everyone is going to be that into the music, lyrics or story that they are going to research it. Especially at the time of it’s release, especially the fact that the age of information is now, at best we have had more accessibility to decades of information at our finger tips.

So if you’re are interested on reading more about this song and the story that inspired it, there is a wonderful write up here.

They are old and have medical diseases/disorders that leave the couple prone to confusion. They originally attend an event at a temple, then vanish after only to be found dead later. They were in their 80’s though, I mean that deserves achievement points.

It makes me wonder about the future and my brain, my life as well. Do I want to be 80 and have all these things I wish I did, and have all these regrets like those around me? I mean regrets and mistakes are inevitable, but I have opportunity to live a life; of course, there are things that have to be done to be perceived as a productive member of society.

The brain is fascinating, and it’s cruel when people use it for manipulative purposes.

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