I got locked out of my account for a bit.

So there were pressing issues that I wanted to write about, like Valentines day. But it has passed and it was kind of dull, I finally started talking to that cute girl at the bar (she is one of the few that engages in conversation with me), she showed me her tattoo WHEN I TOLD HER NOT TOO, and what do you know; it’s fucking sexy, and I just melted. She had on black panties, and ugh.

“I knew I would do that, which is precisely why I said not to do it”

But the tattoo and panties are just things, what really gets me is she talked to me; she engaged in conversation and she didn’t ignore me when I was wrong.

“I also haven’t had a girl that close to me in a long time, and started thinking that I may  be just acting on impulse. Which isn’t entirely bad, I have been so patient and careful that maybe I do need to act a little more on impulse.”

I was over the top aggressive (I guess) or assertive in my speech toward a friend she was with, all she said was be nice and I stopped and checked myself. If she wants to treat these “boys” like the world is all rainbows and butterflies, and she believes she is helping them; then I must have been over the top.

"She reminds me of Claudia though."

Anyway, recently BLMTO had a member blast Justin Trudeau as a white supremacist and a manipulative liar. Also with these claims was a TED talk that she was featured in where she had said that “white people are genetically inferior”

“I am not going to scold her or rip her to shreds, I am simply going to say no; you’re wrong.”

Two guys already went on social media (YouTube) and created a video mocking her, calling her a stupid “whore”. If you’re interested in the actual video on youtube search “BLM Justin Trudeau White Supremacist” or her name “Yusra Khogali”.

If you watch the videos with those two bum chums, can you vote up my comment? She isn’t a whore, I went to school with her!


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